Hiking equipment for rent

You can rent hiking equipment (such as tents, backpacks, kettles, a hatch or a chainsaw, etc.) to arrange your own adventure. We also provide mountain bikes and road bikes, climbing gear, inflatable boats, skis and other stuff, but only one thing we cannot trust – it’s the samovar. During the cold winter extra warm clothes is available. Feel the warmth of our samovar!

Camping Equipment
Cooking set Gas stove with gas (250ml), Kettle, Chopping board 10$/day
Backpack 55/65 liters touring backpack 10$/day
Sleeping set Mattres, Sleeping bag 10$/day
Tent 2 or 3 persons tent 10$/day
Thermos 0,5 – 1,5 liters 3$/day
“CSBK” Cup, Spoon, Bowl and Knife set 3$/day
Flashlight Petzl powerful flashlight with batteries 10$/day
Portable GPS Garmin Legend XC with maps and trails of your tour 15$/day
Vehicles and Sport equipment
Inflated boat 3 persons max, 3 inflatable sections. Life wests. 30$/day
Mountain bicycle Alu frame, suspension fork, disk hydraulic brakes, 18 speed. Sidebags. 20$/day
Raft 6 persons max, 2 inflatable baloons with 2 sections. Life wests. 50$/day
Kayak 2 person sport kayak 30$/day
Climbing set Harness, helmet, 3 carabiners, 30m of rope, descender 20$/day