Russian bath experience

What do you know about russian Banya? Is it crazy hot and people hit each other with brunches? All naked and drunked? Or it looks more like it shown in the movie “Red Heat” 1988 with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Well… Some of that true.

Is it damn hot?
– Yes. Normally it’s pretty humid inside and temperature rised close to 90°C (194°F) degrees. We using a hats to protect the head and brains to overheating. That’s the most important part. If you wearing any rings and jewerly – take it out before coming. Piercing? It might be a problem. Just cover it with dry towel.

Brunches fights..
We use brunches not to harm and beat each others but to ‘apply’ hot air to the body. That’s all about the procedure of being beaten with birch bunch of brunches. It’s also perfect relaxing massage for your back.

Hesitate of being naked in Banya?
Russians are naked in the bath, but man and woman goes separately. But If you plan to have russian bath experience with us and you aren’t fully russian – bring with you swimming suit. We do the same during the tours.

Vodka and Banya
It goes separately. It’s bad to your health drink vodka before the bath. Firstly it’s useless because high temperatures forces evaporation of alcohol from your lungs and you getting somber very fast. Secondly, it’s just dangerous and lacks of coordination could play a bad joke. So, left vodka after banya. But better drink some healthy herbal tea from our Samovar!

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