Russian railway tickets

An English version of the Russian Railways website has appeared . It is extremely useful as it allows English-speakers to buy russian train tickets online. To buy an e-ticket enter tab “Passengers”. When you’re done with filling up the form and payment you’ll receive an e-ticket control coupon. Keep in mind that it is not valid without a boarding pass. In order to receive your boarding pass you need to pass an electronic registration on site (trains with the e-registration are marked by ER sign) or obtain your boarding pass in form of a ticket at the ticket office or self-service terminal in Russia. For more information about e-tickets, go to:
Russian Railways has discounts for children and groups so check this link if you’re travelling with your family or friends!

Beside that there’s still lots of issues connected with ticket booking like station names. Moscow for example is named ‘Moskva’ and to get to Ekaterinburg railway station you need to choose ‘EKATERINBURG-PASSAJIRS’.

Take care and contact us if you have any questions. We would love to help you out! Have an amazing journey to Russia!

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