Top 5 Ekaterinburg attractions

Meanwhile your trans-siberian train coming to the central railway station you wander what to do in Ekaterinburg – so check the top 5 things to do in Ekaterinburg or you can call it bucket list you have to tick befor you leave. Let’s move on!

Yeltsin Center

A must-visit for any age even you have no clue or interest in Russian history. And it’s not about politics.
It’s a modern, beautifully-designed cutural centre which includes a museum showing the whole history Russia in 7 rooms. You might get carried away for a couple of hours, but you won’t regret it. Their web site unfortunatelly providen in russian only.
And beware Yeltsin times becoming kind of underground and government of current president goes against that period and want to wipe out that part of the history.
Museum entrance fee – 350 rub.

The Romanov Church

In the early XX century Ekaterinburg was known as a revolutionary city and it became infamous as a place where the last Russian tzar was assasinated. In 1977 the Ipatiev house where this happened was demolished in attempt to turn down the growing pilgrimage, but in 2000 the Russian Orthodox Church canonized the Romanovs and three years later the city government built a massive Church on the Blood, also known as the Romanov Church, on the site where the violent mass murder took place.
Entrance is free. There is a small gallery inside.

Europe and Asia border

To visit Ekaterinburg without seeing the Europe-Asia border is much like as going to Paris and missing a shot with the Eiffel tower. So if you’re not the type of person who can skip a shot with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia – go for it.
Join the Europe and Asia tour that includes all of the nearest 3 borders or go there by taxi or public transport.

Vysotsky – the heighest nothern-most skyscreaper

If you are excited about Russian cities, but that’s just not enough for you to walk the streets, take a look at the city from another angle – try a birds-eye view from the height of 280 meters. Enjoy it in the sunset hour and then use the same ticket to get aquatinted with the museuml of Vladimir Visotsky – the most famous Soviet singer, songwriter, national hero of the Russian theater and cinema. Check wiki about skyscreaper and Vladimir pages.
Entrance fee – 350 rub (both obsevation deck and museum)

Military Museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Open-air exposition of cannons, tanks, planes, warships and trains in a town o the outskirts of Ekaterinburg. Despite that a huge musuem of retro cars and motorbike where you can find such exemplars as a still-working prototype of the first gasoline automobile before looking at the complete line of Soviet cars. There is also a enormous military museum. So if you are keen on hot guns, that’s not a place to miss.
You can plan a whole day it the musum and take a break at the canteen on the ground floor. Even it’s not belongs to the city – but it’s one of the best attraction.
Outdoor exposition is free. Entrance fee for retro cars and motorbikes – 350 rub. There’s a separate ticket for military exposition which is also 350 rub.

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