Top 10 must-know words and phrases when traveling in Russia

If you suddenly appeared in Russia, this few useful words and must-know phrases will be extremely helpful for you to get rid of any situation during your travel. So, let’s go or ‘Поехали!’

  • Привет – [Privet] – Hi

  • The basic and useful greetings, but never use it for greeting custom officers and police!

  • Как дела? – [Kak dela] – How are you?

  • If you read this – than you already met someone. Just ask how they’re doing!

  • Хорошо – [Khorosho] – Good, Very well

  • Probably, they told you [Khorosho] that means good! And if they offered you vodka you will guess it easilly. But what if not??

  • Пиво – [Pivo] – Beer

  • That’s right! If not vodka it will be beer for shure. But never mix it. Otherwise see the last phrase.

  • Давай – [Davai] – Let’s go! or Give me the thing

  • That’s you have to answer if you willing to show your respect and drink some beer with that person! Also instead of toast you could say every time Davai aka Cheers! Likewise useful to say bye-bye.

  • Спасибо – [Spasibo] – Thank you

  • Be polite – give a thanks for the beer!

  • Пожалуйста – [Pazhaluysta] – Please or You’re welcome

  • They probably said this word that means You are very welcomed!

  • Где туалет? – [Gde tualet?] – Where is the toilet?

  • Useful in 30 minutes since you’ve join their company.

  • До свидания – [Do svidaniya] – Goodbye

  • Just a great word when you decide to escape the company. Do not use it if they don’t want to let you go. In this case use the previous one.

  • Я заблудился – [Ya zabludilsya] – I got lost

  • In case you were not strong enough and mixed vodka with beer. Than you’ve got lost. Use this phrase until you figure out of the situation.

All the best on the hard way across. Don’t drink too much and avoid of drinking with tattoed russians. Давай!

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